Material Specs for FenceScreen, NatraHedge®, & FenPro Products

FenceScreen Architectural Fence Screen Specifications are used by top landscape architectural firms around the country. Whatever your fence screening need has you covered. If you do not see the detail that works for you please contact us and we will forward you the information. Available in PDF format.

Get insight into the quality of our products with specifications such as:

  • Filament Strength
  • Composition of UV Inhibitor
  • Material Weight
  • Material Break Strength
  • Flamability Point
  • Crystaline Melt Point

FenceScreen Products

NatraHedge® Products

FenPro Products offers custom fence details to fit your specific project.

Privacy fence screening (or fence windscreens as they are also called), can be made to fit chain link, wrought iron, vinyl fence or any other fence material. Our screens come in standard sizes or can be custom tailored to match any specification. Choosing your fence specification eliminates the guess work in the field. Simply include your desired detail to the plans and we do the rest.