NatraHedge® Artificial Hedge Mat, Rolls & Expandable Lattice

Dark Green Boxwood Mats
Commercial UV & FR Rated


Artificial Myrtle Greenery Mats
NatraHedge® Myrtle Greenery


Faux Living Wall Panels
NatraHedge® Living Wall


Faux Ivy Mat
NatraHedge® Ivy


Artificial Ficus Mat
NatraHedge® Ficus


Artificial Myrtle Flower Mat
NatraHedge® Myrtle


Artificial Lavender Mat
NatraHedge® Lavender


Baxter Contemporary Base
Freestanding Boxwood Hedge


Chateau Traditional Base
Freestanding Boxwood Hedge


Full Hedge Without Planter Box
Freestanding Boxwood Hedge


Faux Boxwood Pillar
NatraHedge® Freestanding


Faux Birch and Flowers
NatraHedge® Lattice


Artificial Dark Green Ivy
NatraHedge® Ivy Roll


NatraHedge®, a FenceScreen Company

FenceScreen is proud to now offer NatraHedge® is a trusted American company dedicated to making artificial hedges that actually suit the needs of developers, designers and architects.

ECO Friendly Faux Boxwood & Ivy Mat

Eco-savvy home owners, designers & architects are calling for a more sustainable way to create green areas inside and outside of buildings & homes – creating a pleasing and calming atmosphere. Artificial foliage from NatraHedge®, including boxwood hedge & ivy is being used as a solution because it is Eco-Friendly, inexpensive, durable, and requires little or no maintenance.

Artificial foliage such as artificial boxwood hedge mat not only looks good, but has sound proofing qualities. Artificial hedge mats applied to walls can reduce echoes dramatically. Hedge mat panels placed strategically will deflect sounds from carrying across rooms or courtyards. This decreases stress and increases privacy in an office environment.