Artificial Ivy Leaf Mat Wall Panels

NatraHedge Faux Ivy Detail and Package
NatraHedge Faux Ivy Detail and Package
NatraHedge Faux Ivy Detail and Package
Artificial Plastic Ivy
Faux Ivy Wall
Premium Artificial Ivy Mat
Artificial Ivy Reinforced Backing
3D Mold Design
NatraHedge Faux Ivy vs. Others
Chain link Fence Install
Faux Green Ivy Office Interior Install
Provides 88% Privacy Factor
Securely Connect & Cut for a Custom Fit
Each Box Contains (12) 20 in. x 20 in. Panels & 40 Fasteners

NatraHedge® IvyFaux Ivy Mat

Sale Price:  ($199.99)
Brand: NatraHedge®

NatraHedge Artificial Ivy Green Leaf Mat Panels are the best way to create a lush, green impact on any space while remaining 100% ECO friendly & almost no maintenance.

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  • RealLeaf™ Provide Unmistakably Lifelike Results
  • Approx. 20 in. x 20 in. Panels (12 per box / 33 SF)
  • Securely Connect & Cut for a Custom Fit
  • UV Stable HDPE & Lightfast Color & Materials
  • 3 Year Warranty & 5-8 Year Expected Life
  • In Stock
  • Ships in 24 Hours


Plastic Artificial Ivy Mat Wall Panels


A Premium Look & Finish!

 NatraHedge® Ivy is Made From a Proprietary Mold & Prime Virgin Resins

We cut no corners when developing our Artificial Ivy; By using the highest quality virgin resins, a proprietary mold and a stringent two step QA verification process. Our Ivy will not disappoint.

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NatraHedge® Ivy Square Mat is a mix of modern and fresh design. Standing at 20" x 20", 2" tall, our wall covering will add a touch of elegance and beauty to its outdoor surroundings. Our Faux Ivy is maintenance free, resilient to weather and can be cut, bent, and adhered to virtually any surface whether flat or contoured.

Living walls are popular all over the world right now, but living walls are very expensive – both to install and maintain. Fake living walls made with artificial ivy hedge are inexpensive to install and virtually free to maintain.

For this reason, many property owners are installing the artificial ivy foliage in the lobbies of office buildings, across exterior entry ways and backyards. They also look great on patios, balconies, and in courtyards.

Cut to Fit

Constructed with a thick, durable yet malleable backing grid; NatraHedge® Ivy Mats can easily be bent & cut to fit any shape.

Snap - to - lock

Effortlessly construct any size hedge by using the "Snap System" built into the backing grid system of each 20"x20" mat.

RealLeaf™ Technology

NatraHedge® ivy is manufactured using a proprietary process & mold providing unmistakably lifelike results.


What You Will Find Included In Each Box:
  • (12) Approx. 20 in. x 20 in. Panels
  • (40) Green Attachment Fasteners

Note: Installation accessories and tools required differ for each installation surface (i.e. concrete, drywall, steel.). Any additional accessories required for installation will need to be purchased separately. Read our Installation Guide


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