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Event Temporary Fence Netting for Boundary & Crowd Control

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48 Hour Turnaround

48 Hour Turnaround

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Low Price Guaranteed

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100% Secure Shopping

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Manufacture Direct Pricing

Boundary Debris Fence Netting - 1300 Series

As low as: $29.99/roll ($37.49)

Boundary & Crowd Control Barrier Field Netting is a perfect solution for creating enclosures and to create temporary fence divider.

  • 1/4" Mesh Opening, Polypropylene Outdoor Netting
  • Lightweight, Easy to Install, Reusable Fence
  • Crowd Direction, Debris, Ball Barrier, Animal Control
  • Available sizes: 4’ Tall x 100’ & 150’ length
  • Netting Colors: Green, Black, Red & Blue
  • In Stock Box In Stock
  • 48 Hour Box Ships Next Business Day

Available colors:

REVOPosts make setting up netting & screen a breeze. Available in black & orange. Quantity calculated based on number of rolls purchased. (can be changed in cart)

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Temporary Event Boundary Fence, Crowd Control Netting & Plastic Poultry Netting

Boundary & Crowd Control Netting

1300 Series Boundary Debris Netting is a perfect solution for creating enclosures and to create crowd direction for special or sport events.

Designed as a low-cost alternative for space enclosures and a crowd directional tool, the 1300 Series Barrier Netting is manufactured from 100% polypropylene. It is versatile, extremely strong, easy to transport, install and store. This lightweight Crowd Control netting is a perfect choice for temporary event fencing, animal control, deer fence, ball fields, newly landscaped areas, parks, vegetation dividers, guiding crowd traffic with a netting. With the unique-knitted 3/8" mesh material construction, the 1300 Series Boundary Netting grants a great amount of air flow but still is a great tool temporary fencing. 

Plastic Poultry Netting

Likewise, the 1300 Series Poultry Boundary Netting is the perfect answer to your chicken coop netting and pen netting needs - everyone from back yard chicken famers to big producers. It is useful in fencing off areas where you don’t want your flock to go. And, it t can be used inside a secure run area if you need to segregate flock members as the birds will not be able to break through it. You can use it for a ‘day pen’ for chicks within a larger protected area and aids in introducing young chickens to older flock members.

Poultry Netting comes in different colors to blend in with your yard and, to help identify flocks. The lightweight, flexible, outdoor rated mesh is reusable and easy to work in 4ft. high and either 100 ft. or 150 ft. long rolls.

Product Dimensions

  • Standard Roll Length: 100' Long x 4' Tall (Black & Green)
  • Standard Roll Length: 150' Long x 4' Tall (Red & Blue)
  • Note: Posts sold separately

Product Features

  • Made of HD UV Polypropylene Net
  • Available in Black or Green color
  • Durable product designed to withstand outdoor climate
  • With unique net mesh design allows ample visibility blockage
  • Provides a visual barrier for directing dividers and traffic

REVOPost Fiberglass Fence Posts

Don’t forget to add FenceScreen Fiberglass Fence & Netting Posts" to your order. These solid fiberglass posts make setting up screen or netting a breeze!

  • Includes (10) Black 57-in. x ½” round fiberglass posts & (25) hooks
  • 9-in. Depth Markers on Each Post for Perfect Alignment and Depth for Consistent 4' Tall Netting Barrier
  • Reinforced Flat Top and Hardened Pointed Tip for Easy Insertion
  • Hooks Included Easily and Securely Adjust to Fit Exact Size of Netting

Give direction to pedestrians during any events!

1300 Series Material Spec Material Specifications