#18 Knotted Nylon Golf Nets 7/8” Square Mesh

1700 Series - Sports Netting
Custom Sizing Available
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Black Netting used for Gold Driving Ranges
Sports Netting
Golf Driving Range Safety Netting
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7/8” Knotted Sports Netting  -  1700 Series

Brand: FenceScreen

UV-Stabilized #36 Black Knotted Nylon Sports Netting is the most durable, longest lasting netting available; perfect for recreational use to professional stadium installations.

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Ultimate Strength and Look, Ideal for Golf Practice Nets & Barrier Netting

Professional-Grade Golf Netting Designed to Absorb Years of Wear and Tear

The most robust, durable, and longest lasting netting available

Professional Grade Golf Netting Material Composition
#18 Twisted knotted nylon 7/8" mesh for increased strength
Reinforced with 1/4" #59 HDPE braided rope border (included)
Hung on the square (not the diamond) for ease of installation
Perfect for golf courses and stopping smaller projectiles
Solution dyed black color/UV treated for superior outdoor & indoor use
Colors will not fade in sunlight & extreme weather
Withstands temperatures between 10 and 120 degrees fahrenheit
Commercial grade for high abrasion resistance and longer life
Tear resistant mesh
Closed bound edges with eyelets so it won't unravel
Available in any custom size
Made to order in the USA

Any Custom Size - #18 Nylon & 7/8" Mesh Opening

Product Features

  • Nylon has Higher Abrasion Resistance, Strength, & Elongation than Poly Fiber
  • Made from Virgin Resins for Great Durability, Strength, and Fiber Consistency
  • Industrial, High-Density 210D Nylon Strands Results in High Endurance
  • Outstanding Abrasion Resistance Due to High Ratio Resin Bonding
  • Proprietary Steam Setting Process for Stronger Knots & Mesh Stability
  • Knotted Construction for Ease of Maintenance (Cuts in Knotless Nets are Susceptible to Runs)
  • Weather-Treatment Modifier Resins Added for Extended Outdoor Life & Optimal Stiffness
  • Average Field Life of 10+ Years

Sizing Hints:

  • Order true to size on nets that are less than 100'
  • Add 2-3' of extra length for nets that span 100' or more to ease installation
  • Add 1' to the height of nets to help gather balls at the bottom
  • Do not install "trampoline tight" as the net should absorb impact but, not cause bounce-back (too tight also reduces the life of a net)
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