FR+UV Mesh Building Scaffolding Debris Tarps

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Mesh Debris Net Tarp  -  900 Series

Brand: FenceScreen

Our high-quality UV and Fire Rated mesh debris tarps are used by construction companies and contractors around the country.

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Ideal usage for mesh debris tarps are for covering up in-progress construction, keeping the wind out, and the materials in.

Construction Mesh Scaffolding Debris Tarps
900 Series Material Composition
70% mesh debris net tarp
Industrial strength HDPE 1/16" mesh material
Provides a wind block or shade cloth
Helps contain dust, debris, and overspray
Easy to tie down
Allows air to pass through
Fire (FR) rated for commercial use - NFPA 701 Test Method 2
Ultra Violet (UV) rated for intense UV
Withstands temperatures between 10 and 120 degrees fahrenheit
Colors will not fade in sunlight & extreme weather
Tear resistant mesh
Folded, double-stitched edges with brass grommets
25-ft long x 20-ft tall
50-ft long x 20-ft tall
Property Value
Material High-Density Polyethylene with No Fillers
Blockage 70% Privacy & the Highest Level of UV Inhibitors
UV Moderate UV inhibitors
Finishing Commercial finishing included
Life expectancy 5-8 year outdoor

Construction Mesh Debris Tarps for Safety & Scaffolding Enclosures

20' x 25' & 20' x 50' Standard Sizes - 70% Blockage

Our high-quality UV and Fire Rated mesh debris tarps are used by construction companies and contractors around the country. They are ideal for keeping the wind out and the materials in. Overspray containment scaffolding covers/tarps are perfect for any high rise construction project, offering 70% blockage and the versatile black color to match your construction project. Construction building tarps are perfect for eliminating wind from entering and tough enough to stop debris from exiting during plastering, painting, welding, or any part of the construction project. Each tarp is finished with binding and grommets on all 4 sides to prevent billowing and/or sailing in the wind. Attaching is as easy as lacing rope through the grommets and to the structure or you can attach with our heavy-duty fence attachments.

Standard Sizes

Construction mesh debris tarps are manufactured in a standard 20' x 25' & 20' x 50' sizes, in stock and ready to ship.

Product Features

  • Ultra-Strong HDPE Mesh 1/16" Material
  • Flame Retardant (FR) Material Meets NFPA 701 Test Method II
  • Solid One Piece Construction with No Center Seam for Max Strength
  • Great Blockage with a Good Amount of Airflow
  • Edges are Folded, Hemmed, & Double Stitched
  • Brass Grommets Spaced Every 3' on All Edges
  • Offers Both Protection and Shade for Workers
  • Heavy Duty, Durable, and Easy to Move
  • Keeps Debris Off Neighboring Property
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