Baseball or Softball Little League Outfield Fence Windscreen

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Little League Fence Windscreen  - 200 Series

Brand: FenceScreen

Quality windscreens will improve the look of any baseball or softball field. Heavy-duty knitted construction coupled with high-grade material make for a professional looking outfield fence that will last.

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Includes 24-inch grommet spacing and triple grommeted corners. Upgrading to 12-inch grommets is recommended for commercial and high-wind environments.

For high-wind environments, adding wind vents or wind windows to your screen is recommended to protect the screen and fence structure. Vents and windows are added every 10-feet.

A reinforced center-binding strip is highly recommended for any screen over 6 feet tall and prevents the screen from becoming a sail in windy environments.

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Top Selling Fence Privacy Windscreen

Perfect Combination of Privacy, Airflow, and 10 Color Choices to Fit Any Fence. Available in Standard and Custom Sizes.

Our 200 Series Privacy Plus Screen is manufactured by FenceScreen, using UV and heat-treated knitted polyethylene (HDPE) material that is lead-free and phthalate-free. This high-grade outdoor rated material is a breathable fabric that allows for good air passage, while offering great blockage. This is one of the best all-around privacy fence screens used for commercial and residential fence applications.

Fence No Privacy Fence With 90% Privacy
200 Series Material Composition
The largest number of color options available on the market
Most popular fence screen material in the industry
Perfect for both commercial and residential applications
Tight-knit design for optimal airflow and privacy
80% Blockage
80% Blockage
85% Blockage
85% Blockage
89% Blockage
89% Blockage
90% Blockage
 90% Blockage
95% Blockage
95% Blockage
80% Blockage
98% Blockage
100% Blockage
100% Blockage
90% privacy blockage and good airflow
175-GSM commercial grade knitted HDPE material
Any custom height under 12'
Any custom length under 50'
Commercial-grade black thread
Standard Finishing Packages: 150-GSM black binding on all sides
Premium Finishing Packages: 300-GSM black binding on all sides
Solid brass grommets every 24" and triple grommet corners
Optimum UV additives for weathering protection
Colors will not fade in sunlight & extreme weather
Withstands temperatures between -15 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit
Property Value
Material Knitted Polyethylene with No Fillers
Blockage 90% Privacy & the Highest Level of UV Inhibitors
UV Moderate UV inhibitors
Finishing Commercial finishing included
Life expectancy 3-5 year outdoor & 12-15 year indoor
Q: Does this material stretch?

A: Yes, the 200 Series Baseball Windscreen is a tight knitted fabric which will stretch up to 2” in height and up to 4”+ inches in length. It is intended to be stretch taught on fence for glove-like fit.

Q: What does "knitted design" mean?

A: Knitted design is a criss-cross mesh pattern which will offer excellent privacy while allowing for air passage through the screen.

Q: Will the 200 Series Baseball Windscreen fray when I cut it?

A: No, the 200 Series Baseball Windscreen will not fray or unravel if cut.

Q: How much visibility will it block?

A: The 200 Series Baseball Windscreen is a 90% blockage screen, which means it will offer excellent blockage, typically on a sunny day you can see shadow outlines through the screen.

Q: What does 175 GSM mean?

A: Typical privacy screens sold around the country are 120 -140 GSM. GSM – grams per square meter – is the weight of the screen. FenceScreen tests and weighs all screens and 200 Series Privacy Plus is rated A on the grading scale, which is top grade for Privacy Screen.

Q: Which colors are most popular?

A: The most popular colors are earth tones; black, green, beige tan, and brown. Other colors are offered to meet the color needs for any project.

Q: Is there a benefit to adding additional grommet spacing?

A: 200 Series Baseball Windscreen is lightweight finished with re-enforced binding and grommets spaced every 24", our test show there is little to no benefit to adding additional grommets due to the light weight of the screen.

200 Series Warranty Material Specifications

Baseball or Softball Little League Fence Windscreen

Inexpensive & Popular Amongst the Industry

The Perfect Solution for Adding Privacy and Visualizes a Clean Look for Any Fence Area

Simple do-it-yourself installation, ideal for outfield screen, dugouts, and enhancing the look of any chain link fence.

  • Enhance the Look of your Outfield Fence
  • Perfect for Little League Fields
  • Increase Privacy & Airflow around the Dugout
  • Enhance Ball Visibility & Tracking for Players
  • 90% Visibility Blockage
  • Finished with Reinforced Binding & Grommets on all Corners and Edges
  • Grommets Spaced every 24"
  • Knitted High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Design
  • Water and UV Resistant Fabric
  • All Finished Screens Will Vary in Size +/- 0.5"

All FenceScreen materials are durable, well made, and completed with binding and grommets on all four edges, then packaged and shipped ready for installation. Privacy Plus Fence Screen is "in stock" ready for immediate shipment in 4', 5', 6', & 8' heights x 50' long standard sized panels. Our 200 Series screen can be custom sized to fit any fence. offers easy to order, online purchasing allowing you to choose your color, height, length(s), and accessories. We also offer custom size options so you can choose your exact height and exact length to fit your fence. Each piece will be fabricated, marked, and shipped ready to fit your fence measurements.

Note: All standard fence screens are cut 4" less than actual fence height to ensure a proper, snug, clean, and wrinkle-free fit on the fence.
Example – a 6' tall fence = 5'8" actual height of the privacy screen panel.

Standard rolls are up to 50' long, so for example if you order 62'10" you will receive a 50' roll and a second piece that is 12'10".
* Panels longer than 50' or special heights are Special Order only, please call one of our customer service representatives to place special order 888-313-6313.

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