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Baseball or Softball Little League Outfield Fence Windscreen

200 Series Baseball Enviro Privacy Fence Screen - Green Install & Product200 Series -Enviro Privacy Screen - Navy Blue with Yellow Fence CapClose Up of Binding and Grommet with Fencescreen Fence Fastener - GreenJet BlackForest GreenDesert SandSteel GrayRoyal BlueAlpine WhiteFire Engine RedSafety OrangeNavy BlueChestnutOlive Green
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Low Price Guaranteed

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100% Secure Shopping

Manufacturer Direct Pricing

Manufacturer Direct Pricing

Little League Fence Screen- 200 Series 88%

As low as: $1.39/plf pricing details ($1.74)

Brand: FenceScreenr

Quality windscreens will improve the look of any baseball or softball field. Heavy-duty knitted construction coupled with high-grade material make for a professional looking outfield fence that will last.

  • 90% Privacy & Airflow Blockage
  • Commercial Grade Material: 175 g/m2 (25% higher than competitors)
  • Proprietary Heat Set Process, will not shrink on fence
  • MaxFlex UV treated for 3X non color fade
  • Quick-Ship Program for Standard 50’ Panels
  • Optimum UV Additives for Weathering Protection
  • 300-GSM Black Binding & Solid Brass Grommets Every 24"
  • 3 - 5 Year Expected Life, any climate
  • Standard Heights Include 3', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 9', 10', or 12', However Panels can be Customized to Any Custom Height. Call 888.313.6313 if you Need a Custom Height.
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Baseball or Softball Little League Fence Screen

Simple do-it-yourself installation, ideal for outfield screen, dugouts, and enhancing the look of any chain link fence.

  • Enhance the look of your outfield fence
  • Perfect for little league fields
  • Increase Privacy & Airflow around the dugout
  • Enhance ball visibility & tracking for players
  • 88% Visibility Blockage
  • Finished with Reinforced Binding & Grommets on all corners and edges
  • Grommets spaced every 24"
  • Knitted HDPE Polyethylene Design
  • Water and UV Resistant Fabric

Yes, the 200 Series Baseball Windscreen is a tight knitted fabric which will stretch up to 2” in height and up to 4”+ inches in length. It is intended to be stretch taught on fence for glove like fit.
Knitted design is a crisscross mesh pattern which will offer excellent privacy while allowing for air passage through the screen.
No, the 200 Series Baseball Windscreen will not fray or unravel if cut.
The 200 Series Baseball Windscreen is a 90% blockage screen, which means it will offer excellent blockage, typically on a sunny day you can see shadow outlines through the screen.
Typical privacy screen sold around the country is a 120 -140 gsm. GSM – is grams per square meter or the weight of the screen. FenceScreen tests and weighs all screens and 200 Series PrivacyPLUS is rated A on the grading scale, which is top grade for Privacy Screen.
The most popular colors are earth tones; Black, Green, Tan & Brown. Other colors are offered to meet the color needed for any project.
200 Series Baseball Windscreen is lightweight finished with re-enforced binding and grommets spaced every 24", our test show there is little to no benefit to adding additional grommets due to the light weight of the screen.
200 Series Material Specifications

Baseball or Softball Outfield Fence Windscreen - Pricing

  3' (2'-8") 4' (3'-8") 5' (4'-8") 6' (5'-8") 7' (6'-8") 8' (7'-8") 9' (8'-8") 10' (9'-8") 12' (11'-8")
Alpine White Alpine White $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $2.19/plf $1.89/plf $3.99/plf $4.09/plf $4.49/plf
Beige Beige $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $2.19/plf $1.89/plf $3.99/plf $4.09/plf $4.49/plf
Chocolate Brown Chocolate Brown $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $2.19/plf $1.89/plf $3.99/plf $4.09/plf $4.49/plf
Fire Engine Red Fire Engine Red $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $2.19/plf $1.89/plf $3.99/plf $4.09/plf $4.49/plf
Forest Green Forest Green $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $2.19/plf $1.89/plf $3.99/plf $4.09/plf $4.49/plf
Jet Black Jet Black $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $2.19/plf $1.89/plf $3.99/plf $4.09/plf $4.49/plf
Navy Blue Navy Blue $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $2.19/plf $1.89/plf $3.99/plf $4.09/plf $4.49/plf
Olive Green Olive Green $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $2.19/plf $1.89/plf $3.99/plf $4.09/plf $4.49/plf
Royal Blue Royal Blue $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $2.19/plf $1.89/plf $3.99/plf $4.09/plf $4.49/plf
Safety Orange Safety Orange $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $2.19/plf $1.89/plf $3.99/plf $4.09/plf $4.49/plf
Steel Gray Steel Gray $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $1.39/plf $2.19/plf $1.89/plf $3.99/plf $4.09/plf $4.49/plf