Yellow Fence Topper Guard For Baseball & Softball Outfields

Top Cap with Fasteners
Top Cap with Fasteners
Top Cap with Fasteners

Premium SeriesPoly Outfield Fence Topper

Price: $89.99/80 ft ($109.99)

Protect your athletes & add a professional look to any baseball field fence with our yellow poly fence toppers.

  • Each Bag Covers 80' of Fence
  • Covers Both the Chainlink Fabric & Top Rail
  • Easy, Do-it-Yourself Installation
  • Bright Color, Clearly Defines the Fence Line
  • In Stock
  • Ships in 48 Hours


premium yellow poly baseball fence safety topper

Panel Height                   4"Inches
Panel Width:                   2-1/2" Inches
Panel Length:                 8' feet
# Panels Included:        10 panels = 80' coverage
Sold in bags - 8'Long x 2.5" Wide

Designed for easy, do-it-yourself installation. Eliminate injuries by covering the exposed chainlink/knuckles on the top of the chain link fences, offering a smooth, safe top surface. Our Fence Topper creates a safe and decorative trim cover for any fence.

Designed from highly durable and flexible plastic in a tubular shape, our topper allows for an excellent fit on the fence.

Durability: Manufactured using HDPE plastic with UV stabilizers. This fence topper is designed to endure repeated impacts, as well as withstand the harmful effects of the sun & severe cold conditions, offering many years of continued use.

Security: Adds additional security protection, due to its smooth surface design causing difficulty in climbing.

Installation: Simply “snap” the topper over the top of a fence and lock the wire mesh with ties included.

Multiple Uses: Primarily used in our safety yellow color for baseball fields, this product is also growing in popularity in other types of athletic fields, parks and playgrounds.

Part # TCYW - Premium Yellow Top Cap & Topper, 8' lengths = 80ft per bag. Sold in bag quantities only. Includes ties.

  • Premium Safety Top Cap Cover & Topper
  • Each Bag Covers 80' of Fence (ten 8' pieces) 
  • Easy, Do-it-Yourself Installation
  • Provides Safety & Protection
  • Topper Covers Both the Chainlink Fabric & Top Rail
  • Bright Yellow Color, Clearly Defines the Fence Line
  • Smooth, Safe Finish 
  • 10-Year Warranty Ensures that it's Strong & Super Long Lasting