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SoundBlock® Soundproofing Material  - 850 Series

Brand: FenceScreen

SoundBlock® is an extremely effective indoor & outdoor soundproofing material solution. This material dramatically reduces sound transmission when installed before walls, ceilings, & floors are completed.

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Exceptional Soundproofing Technology

Proprietary Composition Results in an Industry Leading STC Rating of 32dB

SoundBlock® is a diverse, indoor, and UV outdoor-certified soundproofing material for walls, floors, and ceilings. A flexible and malleable material, SoundBlock can be cut and shaped to fit any surface or contour. This ease is customization allows for a flush, tight installation, maximizing Transmission Loss (TL) of up to 32 decibels.

Fence No Privacy Fence With 100% Privacy
850 Series Material Composition
Commercial-grade, highly durable material
Flexible, easy to cut and install in any kind of complex surfaces to isolate sound
Designed for indoor and outdoor applications
Used on walls, ceilings, and floorings for high acoustic insulation
Can be concealed by wall, acoustic panels, or fabrics
Can be easily covered with carpets, cement, or wooden flooring
Thermal resistance leading to high heat insulation and have an excellent aging resistance
Though typically installed over an existing surface, SoundBlock material can be installed suspended, creating a barrier providing sound blocking and 100% visibility blockage. No light, shadows, or shapes will be visible through this material.
Minimum STC 32 per ISO 16283 (part III) - 1981 DIN: 52210 & ISO 140 (part III)
Minimum sound attenuation 24 dBA @ 100Hz & 16 dBA @ 40Hz
Tensile strength - min. 510 PSI
1/8 in. thick material
Standard roll size is 4-ft x 10-ft
Material can be cut to any size for desired specification
We can customize the material to any size for a perfect fit
It can be installed both horizontally or vertically
High UV-resistance
No fungal or algal growth and no visible disfigurement, per ASTM D3273 and ASTM D3274 (rating 10)
Heat tolerance: 200°F (93°C) for 7 days, less than 1% shrinkage with no deformation
Freezes at -40°F (-40°C). Do not unroll or flex frozen material. Properties are not affected by freeze/ thaw cycles
Property Value
Material Proprietary Composition
Blockage 100% Privacy & the Highest Level of UV Inhibitors
UV Moderate UV inhibitors
Acoustical Rating STC 32
Product Weight 80 lbs (36.29 kg)
Finishing Optional: Commercial finishing
Life expectancy 8-10 year outdoor

Premium Acoustic and Soundproofing Material

10' x 4' Standard Sizes - 100% Blockage

Premium Acoustic and Soundproofing Material Usage
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