Custom Branded Vinyl Barricade Covers & Barrier Jackets

Event Barricade Covers
Event Barricade Covers
Event Barricade Covers
Branded Barricade Covers
Angled View - Barricade Covers with Half Moon CornersCorners
Barricade Covers - Close-Up Corner with Bungee Ball
Bungee Ball Closeup

811 Series 100%Barricade Covers

As low as: $89.99/panel ($119)
Brand: FenceScreen®

Our custom printed barricade covers have what it takes to turn unsightly barricades into valuable advertising space.

  • Printed on 100% MAXFlex™ Solid Vinyl
  • Full Color Print on Both Sides
  • Custom Sized for a Perfect Fit
  • Wrinkle-Free Look with Elastic Bungee Balls
  • In Stock
  • 2 day turnaround *

Instructions for uploading your graphic(s) will be emailed immediately after your order is received. Each barricade cover can have a unique graphic design. All covers will be custom sized to fit your barricade perfectly.

Solid MaxFlex Vinyl color barricade covers finished the same as your printed version. Preview covers

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$49 pricing details

Turn unattractive barricades into valuable advertising opportunities with Custom Branded Barricade Covers & Barrier Jackets.


A Premium Look & Finish!

MAXFlex™ Materials and Ink Result in a Product a Step Above the Rest
  • Wrinkle & Fade Resistant MAXFlex™ Materials
  • Full Color No-Fade & No-Crack Graphics
  • Elastic Bungee Balls for Secure Fit around your Barricade
  • Black Grommets Each Corner
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Any Custom Size

Customizing your barricade to the exact size you need is no sweat. For a perfect fit for your barricade, please call 888.313.6313 for an estimate.

Indoor or Outdoor

Our barricade covers look great indoors & out. They use UV-Stabilized inks & materials so your wrap will stay crisp in any weather.

MAXFlex™ Technology

MAXFlex™ is a exclusive line of materials and ink that is 300% more resistant to cracking, creasing, and fading than the standard.

Let your fence do the talking

Print Your Ad or Promotion on Our MAXFlex™ Solid Vinyl Fence Wraps

High quality printed barricade covers are designed for event promotions and signage. Providing a clean look and excellent way to transform a boring barricade or fence into a high impact advertising real-estate.

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Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, it is made from our exclusive MAXFlex™ Solid Flex Vinyl banner material.

811 Series Barricade Covers are printed onto our Solid Flex Vinyl Screen using high quality outdoor ink designed for the best looking banner advertising possible. Our state of the art print technology ensures the brightest colors and longest lasting indoor/outdoor Barricade Jacket Covers. Can be customized to fit any type of barricade.

  • MAXFlex™ Solid Vinyl Material, a Proprietary Polyvinyl Chloride Vinyl with UV-Additives
  • Photo-Quality Custom Made for Promotion/ Advertising
  • Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Process
  • Available in Any Size, Custom Sized to Fit your Barricade Cover Perfectly.
  • Bright Crisp, Full Color Non-Fade Graphics
  • Black Grommets & Elastic for a Secure Fit

At FenceScreen we have lots of different screens to choose from, offering you a number of combinations to meet your budget. Come to us for all of your custom fence screen needs, we will do it right!

How it Works

how it works

 Revamp your bland barricade with a Crisp Design