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Special Event Banners & Signs  -  511 Series

Brand: FenceScreen

Get your logo and your sponsors noticed! Full-color graphics on outdoor rated MAXFlex Vinyl™ special event banners. Perfect for sports & community events, concerts, fairs/festivals, parades, political events, and more.

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$/100 fasteners - Attachment fasteners make installing your fence screen panels simple and secure. Available in black only. Quantity automatically calculated based on length.

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Custom Graphic Special Event Vinyl Banners


Brand Your Event or Project and Promote your Company or Sponsors with Event Screen

Our state-of-the-art printing and manufacturing facility enables us to produce premium event banners at an unbeatable prices. No-fade and no-crack logos or graphics printed directly on premium outdoor rated solid vinyl banner material, designed for outdoor or indoor special event promotions. Providing a clean look long lasting advertising tool.

Event Screen Material Composition
Property Value
Material Solid MAXFlex Vinyl™ with No Fillers
Blockage 100% Privacy & the Highest Level of UV Inhibitors
UV Moderate UV inhibitors
Finishing Unfinished Edges
Life expectancy 1-3 year outdoor

Q: How do you display 511 Series Event Fence Banners?

 A: Our banners are incredibly versatile for displaying in almost any situation from attaching on fences to posts/poles to walls, and more. The event banners are designed to be installed utilizing an assortment of techniques and accessories. But don’t worry, hanging your banner doesn’t require heavy-duty tools or unique fittings. Following are a couple of the most common installation methods.

Suspend Between Posts
Suspending or hanging a banner between posts is common display method. We suggest using a heavy-duty, staplegun to attach to wooden posts (available on online or at your local hardware store for $10 - $20).

Or, you can attach your banner to netting poles with outdoor attachment ties (e.g. FenceScreen Attachment Ties) by punching holes in the material using a “heavy duty leather hand held hole punch” (available on online or at your local hardware store for $10 - $20).

Hanging on a Fence
One of the most popular ways to hang a banner on a chain link fences using grommets and outdoor attachment ties (e.g. FenceScreen Attachment Ties) by punching holes in the material using a “heavy duty hand held leather hole punch plier” (available on online or at your local hardware store for $10 - $20).

Or, you can purchase online plastic “banner hanging clips” with a hole at the end (also known as “tarp clips” or “tent clips) which fasten to the edge of the banner with alligator teeth. Then, you can use outdoor attachment ties (e.g. FenceScreen Attachment Ties), bungee cords, or ropes to afix to the fence.

Attach Directly to a Wall
Another display method is to hang banners on a flat wall. Velcro adhesive strips (or, strong mounting tape / fasteners) are a good choice for temporarily displaying a banner on a smooth wall. Banners displayed this way will appear flush against the wall.

Q: What type of special events is the 511 Series for?

 A: The 511 Series is a low cost versatile banner making it perfect for any indoor or outdoor special event. Here are some of the most popular uses for reference:

  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Trade Shows
  • Company & Corporate Events
  • Athletic Events (Golf, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Ski & Snow, etc.)
  • Community Events
  • Parades
  • Weddings & Receptions
  • Press Conference
  • Grand Opening
  • Fairs & Festivals
  • Charitable Events & Fundraisers
  • Campaign & Political
  • Extreme Sports

Q: If I choose the 10 logo option, can the logos be different?

 A: Yes! Our 511 Series is digitally printed and does not suffer from the typical limitations of standard silk-screened banners. You can choose 10 different logos, repeat the same logo 10 times, or any combination between.

Q: Can my graphic contain photos?

 A: Yes! If you need to include photos in your graphics our edge-to-edge is the perfect option for you. Our large format digital banner printers combined with our MAXFlex Vinyl™ material produce vivid, full-color photo realistic prints for your special event.

Q: Can I cut the banners?

 A: Yes! The 511 Series can be cut to size easily with any pair household scissors.

Get Your Logo and Sponsors Noticed! Full Color Graphics Printed Directly On Solid Vinyl Material, The Ultimate Outdoor Special Event Banner!

High Impact. Low Cost.

Our state of the art printing & manufacturing facility enables us to produce premium event banners at unbeatable prices.
  • Lightweight & durable for portability
  • Unfinished edges allows for ease of cutting to size
  • No hassle installs using staples, ties, mounting tape, etc. (FAQ tab for more info)

Ideal for indoor and outdoor event applications, it is made from our exclusive MAXFlex Vinyl™ PVC solid vinyl material.

511 Series - Printed Event Screens are printed directly onto our PVC Solid Vinyl (100% blockage) screen using high quality outdoor ink designed for the best looking banner advertising possible. FenceScreen's exclusive "MAXFlex™" ink ensures the highest quality, vibrant images available on outdoor special event banners. The ink offers an extended color gamut and excellent adhesion, the key is its ability to flex with the vinyl material. Maximum ink stretch of 6" or up to 300% on our Solid Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh material. Our outdoor MAXFlex™ inks are super durable, chip, scratch, and weather resistant and have excellent color retention.

  • MAXFlex Vinyl™ Material, a Proprietary PVC with UV-Additives
  • Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Process
  • Bright Crisp, Full-Color Non-Fade Graphics

At FenceScreen® we have lots of different screens to choose from, offering you a number of combinations to meet your budget. Come to us for all of your custom special event banner needs, we will do it right!

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