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High Blockage Fence Privacy Screen

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Low Price Guaranteed

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Manufacturer Direct Pricing

Manufacturer Direct Pricing

FenceBlock Privacy Screen - 100 Series 98%

As low as: $1.49/plf pricing details ($1.86)

Brand: FenceScreenr

FenceBlock is one of our top selling privacy fence screens with its unique combination of high-level privacy coverage with a smooth, clean look at an economical price.

  • 98% Privacy & Airflow Blockage
  • Commercial Grade Material: 140 g/m2 (40% higher than competitors)
  • Custom Sizing Available to Meet Your Needs
  • Optimum UV Additives for Weathering Protection
  • 300-GSM Black Binding & Solid Brass Grommets Every 24"
  • 3 - 5 Year Expected Life
  • In Stock BoxIn Stock

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Extreme Privacy Windscreen


Maximum Blockage With a Close Weave Design

Our 100 Series FenceBlock fence privacy fabric is a lightweight, tightly woven, UV-stabilized Polypropylene material finished with super strong sewn-on Nylon binding and solid brass grommets, delivering increased strength without adding significant weight to your fence.

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Delivers exceptional long-term performance in harsh outdoor climatic conditions.

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Commercial-grade binding and solid brass grommets add strength, durability, & dimensional stability.

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Extensive in-house customization capabilities to quickly meet any customer need.


FenceScreen is much more than a traditional distributor of third-party, fence privacy screen products in that we bring the benefits of “manufacturer direct” to any size or type of end-user customer. Our scale, strategic supplier relationships and direct control of quality deliver ease of purchase, the most competitive windscreen pricing and the consistent product availability.

CUSTOM SIZING - “HAVE IT YOUR WAY, NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL THE ORDER” offers easy, online or phone purchasing which allows you to choose your windscreen height, length and installation accessories. Optional finishing options include half-moon air vents, wind windows and reinforced center binding. All standard fence screens are cut 4" less than the actual fence height to ensure a proper, clean, and wrinkle-free fit.
All Finished Screens Will Vary in Size +/- 0.5".   Example: A 6ft tall fence = 5'8" actual height of privacy fence screen material.

We also offer custom size options, so you can choose your exact windscreen height and length to fit your needs. Each panel will be fabricated, marked and shipped ready to fit your specific measurements. Each custom, finished panel section (less than 50’ length or non-standard height) has a $25 custom sizing fee.
Note: Standard rolls are 50' long; as an example, if you order 62'10", you will receive a 50' roll and a second finished panel that is 12'10".


TruTech® Polypropylene Compound is a “purpose built” polymer which is easy to use in woven privacy fence screen manufacturing while providing excellent physical properties and delivering exceptional long-term performance in harsh outdoor climatic conditions. Polymers such as Polypropylene are rarely used in their pure form in commercial applications. For example, they may be too brittle or break down under the influence of oxygen or sunlight. Additives chosen by the material manufacturer render polymers suitable for a particular commercial use by modifying properties (mechanical, surface, chemical, aesthetic, processing). FenceScreen’s proprietary TruTech® Polypropylene is a high-performance, high-density polymer specially formulated for the production of tapes and monofilaments used in outdoor woven and knitted windscreen fabrics. Tapes and monofilaments made from this resin exhibit an excellent tenacity (ultimate strength of a fiber) at the required elongation.

Virgin Plastic Resin in TruTech® fabric provides more durability, strength, and consistency at the molecular level than some windscreen competitors’ recycled resins. When plastic is modified in processing it undergoes heat and pressure. Heat is required to liquefy the plastic to mold it, and pressure is required to form the liquid into an acceptable and consistent shape. The application of heat and pressure puts strain on the molecular structure of the plastic, and the more times this occurs, the weaker the molecular structure becomes. Consequently, products made from recycled resins are typically more brittle than their virgin resin counterparts and can never achieve 100% of mechanical properties of virgin materials. This is not to say recycled plastics cannot be used in various applications, but does explain why recycled materials often have lower safety ratings and are better suited for things like disposable packaging or clothing. Also, recycled plastics can contain any number of literally hundreds of additives such as colorants that contain toxic heavy metals, restricted halogen-based flame retardants, and damaged glass fibers, etc. that can negatively impact the desired properties of the new material.

TruTech® Polypropylene resin is 100% Free of Lead and Phthalate Additives which removes the risk of well-known health hazards. Phthalates are a family of man-made chemical compounds developed in the last century to be used in the manufacture of plastics, solvents, and personal care products. They are frequently added to some plastic products (especially vinyl) to soften and make more flexible. In lab environments, phthalate exposure has been found to be associated with numerous reproductive health and developmental problems. Lead is a well-known health hazard exposure, especially for children, and can affect nearly every system in the body. Lead has been added to some products on the market as it softens plastic and makes it more flexible so that it can go back to its original shape and to stabilize molecules from heat. When the plastic is exposed to substances such as sunlight, air, and detergents the chemical bond between the lead and plastics breaks down and forms dust.

FenceScreen utilizes Solid Brass Grommets made from high-quality, heavier grade brass than traditional sheet metal or soft aluminum grommets in our privacy fence screens. Our solid brass grommets are designed to withstand harsh environments and are therefore ideal for heavy-duty applications such as fence screens, outdoor signage and vinyl banners. While brass has many qualities, this alloy is ideal for grommets and washers because it will not rust and is non-magnetic. If your current brass grommets attract a magnet, then they are brass plated steel and will eventually rust.


No, there is very little stretch in the 100 Series FenceBlock product.
The 100 Series FenceBlock is a matte finish which has proven to last longer outdoors with less fading.
The 100 Series FenceBlock typically last 3 to 5 years outdoors, depending on your local climate patterns.
No, the screen is designed to last year round in both hot and cold climates.
The 100 Series FenceBlock is lightweight finished with re-enforced binding and grommets spaced every 24", our tests show there is little to no benefit to adding additional grommets due to the light weight of the screen.
Yes the 100 Series FenceBlock will fray if cut and not finished with sewn finish.
100 Series FenceBlock allows for very little air passage through the screen; it is designed for maximum privacy blockage.
No. This screen is completely opaque and cannot be seen through in any way. Ideal for privacy and dust control.
Material Woven UV Rated Polypropylene with No Fillers
Blockage 98% Privacy & the Highest Level of UV Inhibitors

100 Series FenceBlock 98% Material Specifications
100 Series Warranty Material Specifications

High Blockage Fence Privacy Screen - 100 Series 98% by FenceScreen - Pricing

  3' (2'-8") 4' (3'-8") 5' (4'-8") 6' (5'-8") 7' (6'-8") 8' (7'-8") 9' (8'-8") 10' (9'-8") 12' (11'-8")
Carbon Black Carbon Black $1.49/plf $1.49/plf $1.49/plf $1.49/plf $2.29/plf $1.99/plf $4.09/plf $4.19/plf $4.59/plf
Carbon Green Carbon Green $1.49/plf $1.49/plf $1.49/plf $1.49/plf $2.29/plf $1.99/plf $4.09/plf $4.19/plf $4.59/plf