NatraHedge® Faux Ivy Fence Rolls

Artificial Dark Green Ivy - NatraHedge® Ivy Roll

Artificial Dark Green Ivy

NatraHedge® Ivy Roll

Faux Ivy Rolls are Perfect for adding Green & Privacy Screen to Fences

NatraHedge® Faux Ivy Rolls are the fastest and cheapest way of bringing the greenery and coverage of a natural hedge to any outdoor fence, wall, or other surface.

Few things are as utilitarian as a chain link fence. They look like they have only one function: keeping people out.

Funny thing is, people only want to get past a fence if they know what is on the other side. And if they couldn’t see through, then how would they know what’s there?

NatraHedge® Faux Ivy Hedge Roll has the lush density of a mature ivy thanks to the uniform distribution of green fabric leaves on the roll.

Each roll of Dark Green Ivy Roll Hedge covers an area of 94" wide x 39" high providing an impressive level of coverage per unit. What’s more, the cost­ saving wire­backed assembly of the rolls is designed for outdoor placement, so their color and construction will withstand any weather.

Easy to install with the provided green zip ties and perfect for front yards, backyards, balconies, decks, pools, hot tubs, restaurants, cafes, real estate staging, apartments, rentals, special events, and many more. Faux ivy rolls are also 100% ECO friendly and sustainable.

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