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112 Series Stitch-On - Gray
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Builder Logo Screen  -  112 Series

Brand: FenceScreen

Transform existing chain-link fence into valuable marketing space by adding fence screen with vinyl logo banners stitched on. Perfect for construction sites and businesses.

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    Custom Construction Logo Banners Stitched On Fence Screen

    Branding Has Never Been Easier or More Economical!

    A Perfect Way to promote your Company, Brand or Marketing Message.

    Our full color "Stitch-On" logos are perfect for any fence application. We print your full-color graphic directly onto our MAXFlex™ Vinyl panel and then sew it on our 200 Series Privacy Plus Screen with 90% blockage (11 color choices).

    Fence No Privacy Fence With 90% Privacy
    112 Series Material Composition
    Full color logo or image printed on MAXFlex™ Vinyl banner material
    Banners sewn onto 200 Series colored material (knitted HDPE UV polyethylene)
    Mix and match graphic designs per 50' panel
    80% Blockage
    80% Blockage
    90% Blockage
    90% Blockage
    90% Blockage
     90% Blockage
    90% Blockage
    90% Blockage
    100% Blockage
    100% Blockage
    100% Blockage
    100% Blockage
    1-2 logos per 50'
    50' wide x 5'-8" high rolls - fits 6' high fences
    300-GSM black binding on all sides
    Solid brass grommets every 24" and triple grommet corners
    Commercial-grade black thread
    Backdrop Screen: 90% privacy blockage and good airflow
    Backdrop Screen: 175-GSM commercial grade knitted HDPE material
    Banner: 80% privacy blockage & good airflow
    Banner: 325-GSM ultra-strong material
    UV treated screen and banner materials
    Scratch and fade resistant MAXFlex™ ink
    Ink contains no VOCs and up to 50% naturally-derived molecules
    Property Value
    Material Knitted High Density Polyethylene with No Fillers
    Blockage 90% Privacy & the Highest Level of UV Inhibitors
    UV Moderate UV inhibitors
    GSM 175-GSM
    Finishing Commercial finishing included
    Life expectancy 3-5 year outdoor

    The optimum way to promote your company brand

    Maximum Impact Branding

    Brand Advertisement With an Excellent Combination of Privacy and Airflow
    • Bright Custom Graphics on MAXFlex Vinyl
    • Excellent Air Passage with 90% Blockage
    • Reinforced Black Binding for secure fitting
    • Brass Grommets Every 24-in. & Triple Grommet Corners

    Our full color "Stitch-On" logos are perfect for any fence application. We print your full-color graphic directly onto our MAXFlex™ Vinyl panel and then sew it on our 200 Series Privacy Plus Screen with 90% blockage (11 color choices).

    FenceScreen's exclusive full color 112 Series "Stitch-On" logo application is perfect for any fence application looking for a custom look. FenceScreen will take your logo and add it to our fence screen material, turning your fence into a promotional fence advertisement.

    112 Series “Stitch-on” logo is clear and bright, the best looking logo in the industry. Stitch-on logos are digitally printed in full-color directly onto our MAXFlex Vinyl fabric using our durable, flexible, weather resistant, “latex” polymer inks and, then stitched directly onto the fence screen in your choice of eleven colors.

    • Bright Crisp, Full Color Non-Fade Custom Logo/Graphics on MAXFlex™ Logo Banner (up to 30 square feet)
    • 200 Series Privacy Plus Screen is available custom sized to fit your fence in (11) colors
    • 2" Nylon Webbing for Edge Reinforcement on 200 Series Privacy Plus Screen
    • Brass Grommets at every 24" and Triple Grommet Corners

    FenceScreen.com offers easy to order on-line purchasing which allows you to choose your color, height and length and installation accessories. All standard fence screens are cut 4" less than the actual fence height to ensure a proper, clean, and wrinkle-free fit.

    Example: A 6ft tall fence = 5'-8" actual height for privacy fence screen material.

    We also offer various and custom size options which allow you to choose your exact height and length. Any heights and lengths available upon request, please contact our customer service department at 888.313.6313.

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