PVC Mesh PLUS Chain Link Fence Windscreen

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Commercial PVC Mesh PLUS  -  350 Series

Brand: FenceScreen

350 Series PVC Mesh PLUS is the evolution of PVC mesh fence windscreens. Our PVC Mesh PLUS maintains a similar airflow rating as traditional PVC mesh screens but offers an additional 10% privacy factory (90% privacy vs. 80% privacy). The 350 Series comes with premium UV-coating and commercial finishing making it an ideal solution for long-term use in any weather environment.

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$/100 fasteners - Attachment fasteners make installing your fence screen panels simple and secure. Available in black only. Quantity automatically calculated based on length.

$/100 hog rings - Hog Rings are recommended/required for installing your builder rolls. Quantity automatically calculated based on length.

$ - Our Hog Ring Pliers have a special groove to securely hold steel hog rings in place during crimping. Saves time over conventional pliers, avoid slips & under crimping.

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PVC Mesh; Evolved.

Commercial-grade PVC vinyl coat polyester mesh banner (PVC/VCP) fence material is constructed to produce a significant 90% visibility blockage and moderate airflow for any commercial fence project. A reliable FenceScreen® product with balanced amount & airflow.

Fence No Privacy Fence With 90% Privacy
350 Series Material Composition
Commercial-grade, highly breathable material
Incredibly rugged, lightweight, and long-lasting
Designed for indoor and outdoor applications
Adequate number of available color options in the Professional Series
80% Blockage
80% Blockage
85% Blockage
85% Blockage
89% Blockage
89% Blockage
90% Blockage
90% Blockage
90% Blockage
 90% Blockage
95% Blockage
95% Blockage
98% Blockage
98% Blockage
100% Blockage
100% Blockage
90% privacy blockage & decent airflow
330-GSM ultra-strong material
Any custom height under 12'
Any custom length under 50'
Commercial-grade black thread
Standard Finishing Packages: 150-GSM black binding on all sides
Premium Finishing Packages: 300-GSM black binding on all sides
Solid brass grommets every 24" and triple grommet corners
Premium UV additives for weathering protection
Colors will not fade in sunlight & extreme weather
Proprietary heat set process, will not shrink on fences
Withstands temperatures between -10 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit
Property Value
Material Commercial PVC Mesh Plus with No Fillers
Blockage 90% Privacy & the Highest Level of UV Inhibitors
UV Moderate UV inhibitors
Finishing Commercial finishing included
Life expectancy 8-10 year outdoor & 10-12 year indoor

Commercial Grade Proprietary PVC Hybrid Mesh Privacy Fence Wraps

A Premium Look & Finish!

A Premium Product that will Endure All Weather Conditions for Many Years
  • Commercial PVC Mesh Plus
  • Wrinkle & Fade Resistant MAXFlex™ Materials
  • UV and Heat Resistant
  • Reinforced Black Binding for Secure Fitting
  • Brass Grommets Every 24" & Triple Grommet Corners

MAXFlex® Commercial PVC Tight Mesh Plus premium fence screen is breathable, incredibly tough, and long-lasting through any weather conditions. Considered by fence contractors to be the finest fence screening available, PVC premium coated poly is an excellent choice for fence screening for warehouses, tennis courts, sport fields, or commercial properties that require a top-quality look. FenceScreen® 300 Series (PVC) has undergone extensive testing for durability and quality. All is finished with quality reinforced black binding and brass grommets spaced at every 24" & triple grommet corners. PVC Coated Polyester Hybrid Mesh fence screen is in stock and ready to be sized to fit any fence project.

Available in any Size, Custom Sized to Fit your Fence
MAXFlex® Vinyl Coated Polyester (VCP) Tight Hybrid Mesh Material
Choice of 4 MAXFlex® Mesh Colors to Accompany any Commercial Fence Projects
Finishing Options: Half-moon Vents, Wind Windows, & Reinforced Center Binding
2" Polypropylene Webbing for Edge Reinforcement
Brass Grommets at every 24" & Triple Grommet Corners for Stability
All Finished Screens Will Vary in Size +/- 0.5"

FenceScreen® offers easy to order VCP hybrid mesh banner screen online purchasing which allows you to choose your color, height & length, and installation accessories. All standard fence screens are cut 4" less than the actual fence height to ensure a proper, clean, and wrinkle-free fit.

Example: A 6' tall fence = 5'8" actual height for privacy fence screen material.

We also offer various and custom size options which allow you to choose your exact height and length of your VCP tight mesh banner fence screen. Any heights and lengths available upon request, please contact our customer service department at 888.313.6313.

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