Expandable Trellis Privacy Fence With Artificial Ficus Leaf

Expansible Lattice Front
Expansible Lattice Front
Expansible Lattice Front
Expansible Lattice Back
Lattice Frame
Expandable Lattice in Backyard
Outdoor Lattice
Ficus Expandable Lattice Front Detail
Ficus Expandable Lattice Back Detail
Lattice with 10 Fence Fasteners

NatraHedge® TrellisArtificial Ficus Privacy Fence

Offered at: $54.99/box($109.99)
Brand: NatraHedge®

NatraHedge Expandable Lattice will transform ordinary structures into a maintenance-free beautiful hedge. This lattice hides unsightly views & provides lush greenery year-round.

  • Expandable TrueTech Plastic Frame & RealLeaf™ Ficus
  • Contracted 20"x 50" - Expanded 124" x 12"
  • UV Stable HDPE Lightfast Color & Materials
  • Install Either Vertically or Horizontally
Important : We have improved the design on this product. The improved lattice will not 100% match the lattices sold prior to 7/18/2018.
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Expandable Trellis Privacy Fence with Ficus Leaf


One size fits most!

 NatraHedge® Lattice will expand from 20"x 50" contracted to 124" x 12" expanded

There were no corners cut when developing the NatraHedge® Expandable lattice system; One person can easily fit and install the lattice is minutes. There is not easier way to bring green to any space.

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This NatraHedge® Expandable Lattice features unmistakably realistic RealLeaf™ ficus foliage from the front and a gorgeous TruTech Plastic frame from the back. This makes the faux ficus lattice the perfect choice when 365 degree beauty is needed. Perfect for front yards, backyards, balconies, decks, pools, hot tubs, restaurants, cafes, real estate staging, apartments, rentals, special events and many more.

The quality of the NatraHedge® RealLeaf™ ficus is so high you will have to walk up to it and touch it, feel it and smell it just to know it’s artificial. RealLeaf™ technology is a proprietary to NatraHedge® and not found on any other artificial foliage or topiary.

This Expandable Lattice can be installed in minutes providing Instant beatification of any indoor or outdoor space. When contracted the lattice is 20"x 50” and 124" x 12" when expanded. This lattice can be installed both vertically and horizontally depending on your needs.

Great from any angle

Constructed with a TruTech Plastic, durable & beautiful backing grid; NatraHedge® Lattice look great from both the front & the back.

Expand - to - fit

Effortlessly expand the lattice frame from 20"x 50" contracted & 124" x 12" expanded to fit your project needs.

RealLeaf™ Technology

NatraHedge® Ficus is manufactured using a proprietary process & mold providing unmistakably lifelike results.


What You Will Find Included In Each Box:
  • (1) Expandable Ficus Lattice
  • (10) Green Attachment Fasteners

Note: Installation accessories and tools required differ for each installation surface (i.e. concrete, drywall, steel.). Any additional accessories required for installation will need to be purchased separately.


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