Square Sun Shade Sail Kit with Mounting Hardware

Square Sun Shade Sails - Tan Residential Install
Square Sun Shade Sails - Tan Residential Install
Square Sun Shade Sails - Tan Residential Install
Square Sun Shade Sails - Green Residential Install
Square Sun Shade Sails - Burgundy Residential Install
Tan Shade Sail with Accessories
Green Shade Sail with Accessories
Burgundy Shade Sail with Accessories

1625 Series 88%Square Shade Sails

Price: $39.99 ($79.99)

Square Sun Shade Sails are an ideal and cost effective way for any area or project requiring protection from the sun.

  • Manufactured from HD Polyethylene fabric material
  • Block up to 88% of harmful UV rays
  • Reinforced Stitching on the Binding Edges
  • Available in (3) sizes & (3) colors
  • In Stock
  • 48 hour turnaround *


Square Shade Sails with 88% Blockage


Place Shade Sails Anywhere to beat the heat!

Premium HD Polyethylene Shade Sails
  • Blocks up to 88% of Harmful UV Rays
  • Excellent for Shade, Privacy, & Protection
  • Reinforced Stitching on the Binding Edges
  • Stretches Tight for a Wrinkle-Free Fit
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UV Protected Material

Formulated from a knitted high-density polyethylene fabric material with UV additives & no fillers. This product won't mold, mildew, or fade.

Flexible Product

With a 185GSM fabric material, the Square Shade Sails have the ability to be pulled & comply to any windy or other weather conditions.

Sun Protection

The Solution to blocking 88% of damaging UV rays. With our Square Shade Sails you can shade any area, residential or commercial spaces.

The 1625 Series Square Sun Shade Sails are produced from a durable 185GSM High-Density Polyethylene knitted material with no fillers. These Square Shaped Shade Sails have arched sides, allowing the tug/pull from windy conditions. In addition, arched sides restricts drooping from the wear-and-tear of any weather conditions, granting a long-lasting product.

A premium product from FenceScreen, our Square Shade Sails offers a product with a 3 to 5-year life expectancy that blocks 88% of UV rays. Installing these shade sails are quite easy with correct use of shade sails and mounting accessories. The Sun Shade Sails can be used to add UV protection to a variety of spaces such as: Residential, Commercial, Entryways, Patios, Parking, Enclosures, and/or Play Areas.

FenceScreen's trained sales associates are happy to assist you with a Sun Shade Sail to fit any residential or commercial space. Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent shade protection, FenceScreen has the solution to cool things down.

  • Constructed of a High-Density Polyethylene Knitted 185GSM Fabric with No Fillers
  • Available in (3) Sizes & (3) Colors of your Choice
  • Excellent for Shade, Privacy, & UV Protection
  • Unique Knit Design with 88% Blockage & 12% of Airflow
  • Curved Sides for the Pull of Windy Weather & Prevents Drooping
  • Dual-band, Reinforced Stitching on All Sides
  • Reinforced Stainless Steel Corner Buckles (not grommets)
  • Includes Correct Mounting Hardware for Size and Shape


What You Will Find Included In Each Box:
  • (1) Square Sun Shade Sail
  • (4) Stainless Steel Pad Eye
  • (4) Stainless Steel Turnbuckle
  • (4) Stainless Steel Carabiner
  • (4) 6' White Nylon Cord

 Grant shade with our Sun Shade Sails