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Sports Logo on Screen
Sports Logo on Screen
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Logo on Construction Screen
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111 SeriesLogos On Windscreen

As low as: $8.99/plf pricing details ($11.24)

Branding your school, construction site or new business could not be easier. Mix & Match Logo images to create the most effective advertising fence screen.

  • Bright Crisp, Full Color Non-Fade Graphics
  • Mix & Match Logo/Graphics per 50-ft. Roll
  • Perfect Graphic Alignment Across Any Length
  • Black Binding & Grommets Every 24"
  • 7-10 Year Expected Lifespan
  • In Stock
  • 2-5 day turnaround *

    Instructions for uploading your logo graphic will be emailed after your order is processed.

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    Section lengths larger than 50 ft. will consist of 50 ft. roll(s) plus a custom sized panel. All custom panels are finished with reinforced binding & grommets.
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    Section 5 Length
    Section 6 Length
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    Attachment ties make installing your fence screen panels simple and secure. Available in black only. Quantity automatically calculated based on length.

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    For the first time in the fence/print industry, FenceScreen Inc’s breakthrough, digital print-on technology delivers the marketing impact of full color, outdoor banners combined with the outdoor durability of fence enviro-privacy screen material.

    Breakthrough Digital Print-On Technology.

    Traditionally, custom printed fence screen and logos have only been able to be printed onto white solid or mesh vinyl banner materials - not dirctly onto our popular colored flexible knitted privacy screen that is used in fence screen fabric. This is due to the physical challenges with ink adhering to “low surface energy” based plastics (e.g. Polypropylene and High Density Polyethylene used in knitted fence screen fabric). To date, the only choice has been to use expensive, manual, and eco-unfriendly silk screening for printing graphics on non-vinyl material.

    FenceScreen, after years of research, identified and collaborated with both the world leader in commercial printing and the global leader in ink technolgy. The result is our Max Flex Ink, a durable, flexible, UV all weather resistant ink with super bright color retention when applied to our colored fence screen fabric.

    Triple Layer Ink Applied In A Single Pass.

    Our new print technologys’ unique ink architecture enables us to print 3 independent image layers in a single pass resulting in perfectly aligned graphics of unlimited size with amazing color results. The use of a primer layer on colored fence screen under your graphics will deliver enhanced colored graphics that pop on the fence screen material.

    Perfect Alignment. Unlimited Size.

    Unlike the use of silk screen technology, decals or stitch on vinyl panels, our digital print-on technology enables perfectly aligned graphics of unlimited size and length in an extended color gamut applied to fence screen that is available in 11 FenceScreen fabric colors.

    Impressive Flexible Ink Performance.

    FenceScreen's exclusive "MaxFlex" ink creates the highest quality, vibrant images available on outdoor fence screen material banners. The ink offers an extended color gamut and excellent adhesion, the key is its ability to Flex with the fence screen. Maximum ink stretch of 6" or up to 299% on our knitted HDPE privacy screen material. Our outdoor Max Flex inks are super durable, chip, scratch and weather resistant and have excellent color retention.

    The Power Of Green Technology

    Our print technology uses brilliantly designed “fast cure” technology for lower power consumption, and less waste. Our Max flexible inks are water- and fade-resistant and contain virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). More specifically, we use inks that contain up to 50% naturally-derived molecules derived from renewable resources, no VOC’s or heavy metals, are not considered a hazardous waste under U.S. waste regulations, contain naturally-derived and organic substances that can be recycled, and reduce waste with our printer’s direct to fabric approach.

    111 Direct Print On Pricing

    Logo Per 50' Section Price Per Logo
    3 Logos $129
    2 Logos $149
    1 Logo $189

    Each logo must not exceed 30 sq. ft.

    For graphics exceeding the 30 sq. ft. maximum or for unlimited graphics the price is $8.99/plf

    Note: All pricing is exclusive of fabric except for the unlimited $8.99/plf pricing option. Fabric pricing is based on 200 Series fabric.