Pre-Printed Graphic Privacy Screen

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Full-Color Prints that Add Personality and Privacy

Pre-Designed Fence Screen is an inexpensive solution offering full color design, personality, privacy and the ability to change the look of any fence. Fence Screen offers a full range of customized standard design templates (exclusive to FenceScreen) which were developed in house and have been tested on fence projects from coast to coast. Learn More >

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Why Order a Standard Design?

  • Designed Exclusively for all Outdoor Fence Applications
  • Available in 100% & 80% Blockage
  • Sharp Colorful Images will Last for Years
  • Available for Shipment in 3 - 5 Days (fabrication time)
  • Long Lasting and Fade Resistant
  • 80% offers Excellent Air Passage

How Do I Order?

Use our online ordering tool to configure a fence screen with one of our designs, or call us at 1-888-313-6313.

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