Attachment Accessories

Galvanized Hog Rings
Galvanized Hog Rings
Galvanized Hog Rings
Hog Ring Plier with Hog Ring Grooves
Hog Ring Plier with Hog Ring set into Groove
Hog Ring Installation - Step 1
Hog Ring Installation - Step 2
Hog Ring Installation - Step 3 (Finished)

Attachment SeriesSteel Galvanized Hog Rings


Made from 12 gauge galvanized steel, Hog Rings are "C" shaped fasteners that are crimped into the grommet holes for an extremely secure, strong attachment.

Hog Rings are available in Standard Galvainized Gray, Vinyl-Coated Black, and Vinyl-Coated Green colors.

100 ATTACHMENTS for each 50' roll of fence screen is recommended.

Hog Ring Pliers (sold seperately) are recommended for easy, non-slip installation. 
Being made out of steel, Hog Rings are a more secure attachment option over standard attachment ties.

Designed not to be easily cut off or break away, Hog Rings are ideal for high-security and very long term installation applications, and are easily crimped, cleanly into place with Hog Ring Pliers.