Rabbit and Garden Guard PVC Coated Galvanized Fencing

Rabbit and Garden Guard Fencing
Rabbit and Garden Guard Fencing
Rabbit and Garden Guard Fencing
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Garden Protection

Rabbit Guard Fence

As low as: $19.99/roll ($21.99)

Rabbit and Garden Guard Wire Fencing is a favorite product used by Farmers, Pet Owners, and Gardeners. Easy to install and re-usable to prevent animals and protect vegetation from any disturbances.

  • GalvanizedPlus™ Lightweight & Flexible Wire Mesh
  • PVC Coated Galvanized Steel For Rust Protection
  • Narrow Spacing at Bottom to Halt Rabbits & Pests
  • 4" Upper Horizontal Wiring Allows Hands to Pass Through Easily
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  • 48 hour turnaround *
  • Black
REVO Posts & Hooks

REVOPosts make setting up netting & screen a breeze. Available in black & orange. Quantity calculated based on number of rolls purchased. (can be changed in cart)

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PVC Coated Wire Barrier Netting Protects Unwanted Harm to your garden.


A Premium Look & Product!

A Steel Wire Mesh Security Barrier for Plant-Life or Animal-Life.
  • GalvanizedPlus™ Steel for Rust Protection
  • Great at Protecting Vegetation or Small Animals
  • Preferred by Farmers, Gardeners, and Hobbyists
  • 3-Size Spacings to Prevent Small Vermin/Pests
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Easy to Cut

Can be easily cut or transported to fit any indoor or outdoor projects with just the use of Tin Snips.

Garden Protection

Protect your yard or garden from rabbits or any other small vermins with a durable, premium product.

GalvanizedPlus™ Steel

What's GalvanizedPlus™? A much stronger Galvanized Steel that the competition can't compare to.

Rabbit and Garden Guard Boundary Fencing is manufactured from Black PVC Coating and GalvanizedPlus™ Steel horizontal wire with spacing that is narrow near the ground to keep out animals and have large openings at the top for easy hand access. It is ideal for a variety of projects including Gardening, Home Improvement, and Arts & Crafts.

Whether you are protecting your garden with a wire barrier fence and/or warding off rabbits or other vermin from your garden or yard, Fence Screen offers a premium product that is the best with a 10 to 15 year lifespan product. The Rabbit Garden Guard Wire Fencing can be used to Prevent Burrowing, Plant Protection, Poultry Pens, Composting, Gabions and Trellising. With its lightweight, and flexible wire construction, the Rabbit and Garden Guard fencing can be easily cut and transported for any temporary barrier used around trees, bushes, and flowers.

  • 28” tall x 50’ long or 40” tall x 50’ long Wire Mesh Rolls
  • GalvanizedPlus™ Lightweight and Flexible 16-Gauge Steel, Wire Mesh
  • Black PVC Coated Galvanized Steel for Rust Protection and Durability
  • Narrow Spacing at Bottom for Rabbit and Vermin Prevention
  • 4" Upper Horizontal Wiring Allows Hands to Pass Through Easily

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